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Happy Hardcore - GloStix Techno Song
Epic Tetris Remix - GloStix Techno Song
Jm_darklord's Rave Medley Techno Song
GloStix - Jm_darklord Techno Song
Shell Shocked - *Final* Techno Song
Shell Shocked - Jm_darklord Techno Song
Armageddon - Jm_darklord Drum N Bass Song
Defcon Zero - Jm_darklord Techno Song
Rhapsody *Beta* Miscellaneous Song
Oblivion Miscellaneous Song
Rise Above Techno Song
HouseMix Trance Song
Retaliation Miscellaneous Song
Relinquished Heavy Metal Song
Fantasy Loop Miscellaneous Song
Aggression Heavy Metal Song
Piano roll chopper tool test Miscellaneous Song
The problems. R&B Song
The Recreation Miscellaneous Song
HighFunk - Freestyle Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
New Rock(Demo) Heavy Metal Song
Dance music anyone? Dance Song
Newstuff Techno Song
Energy! Miscellaneous Song
PatchBank Miscellaneous Song
ChaozDevotion(Remix) Miscellaneous Song
Ace Miscellaneous Song
Flying(in the sky?) Miscellaneous Song

2004 Submissions

Salvation Miscellaneous Song
The beating of the drum General Rock Song
Fortune Industrial Song
kfjvhbrekjhvarg Industrial Song
lfhgawekfuy Industrial Song
living the horision Industrial Song
Horision of life Industrial Song
Horision of the sky Industrial Song
Horision Industrial Song
Aviation Industrial Song
freaky shit Techno Song
tech trance Techno Loop
kick ass beat Punk Song