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I like your strategy to get people to listen to your garbage.
Tell them their shit sux so they would get pissed off and see if you actually had any talent to back that up.

Drums we're trite and hackneyed.
Bassline synth was okay but repeated way to much.
It had like no melody worth mentioning other than the annoying high pitch chirp.

Nice job on getting me to review your stuff.
It works but is not a good way to get things done.

Mr-green-apple responds:

well... you're the one that asks for reviews just like everyone else does. you dont have to get mad and come to my audio pissed. just say what was bad and good. people don't want to hear you wine how one person didnt like your music and say that you are better.


That main synth killed the song!
The rest was perfect, It kinda lacked melody.
Drums were right on.



eyechieftrees responds:

Thanks. o_0


The synths could be a bit better refined to sound more trancey but this is really good stuff ^^ I like the baseline synth goin' while the piano comes in, good stuff, check out my stuff when ya get a chance :P

mechanoid-9 responds:

Thx, will check out your moozic.


Lol, jks
Better than anything else you've done before
and I still think that transition is weird.
and try not to repeat things to much, keep things flowing and diffrent.


^_^ I like

I really like this!

It's diffrent! And it's catchy!
And there are some really nice synths in there!

Your stuff is way underated

*2 Thumbs up*


This has some very good melodies and back chords and is very fast^^, Use a better snare for god sakes XD!

Umm some bad chords at one part but I like!

Good jobness!

DJ-DaVinster responds:

I didn't know how to fix that part, it had to be around the lines of my 2 songs Ravin' Love and Essence of Peace. I think this is my best Trance, though. Thanks for the review!

*Thumbs up*

I likey, Best out of all i've heard.

It doesn't loop well though.


It's okay. It's got some balance issues but then again this is the best thing i've heard yet, most of your stuff is to hardcore techno for me.

Rave4Yourself responds:

lol, sorry, :P

I like hardcore, lol.


Talk about hardcore techno..

This stuff along with every other hardcore techno, gives me headache in 1min.

There was pretty kool stuff in there but... No melody, No chord, rhythmically trite/hackeneyed.

Could be better.

Not my cup of tea so I didn't penalize you just cause of that.

Rave4Yourself responds:

Buddy, you gotta understand this track isn't "Techno", as i already stated "Gabber demo", its Gabber, ok? Of course with stupid NG there's no genre called "Gabber".

sorry to be ever-so-slightly harsh on you like that, but please learn your genres first man.

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