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I loved it all, Not to hard not too easy, I LOVED the end XD


I think i see a resemblance

the girl in the middle door looks like 10th lieutenant orange haired girl from bleach, the girl on the left looks like the girl from One Piece?? and the girl on the right is almost for sure the girl from bleach who is able to turn into a cat, i think her name is Youruchi-Sama or something..

tell me if im right.


sterfry(the guy who posted b4)
Ur the moron its 15 dollars for the FULL VERSION he wouldnt post the game on the internet for free and expect people to buy it considering they can just play the whole thing here.

anyway it was an OK game but i have played better =\


Man this one i spent hours on end to beat...
i got to lvl 15, it was starting to hurt my brain
lvl 16 took 2hours but i got it
lvl 17 took me like 5 hours but i got it..
all the way to 27 was easy
27 took me an hour
28 took me like 30min
29 took me 45min-1 hour
30 took me an hour

All in All im glad i beat it, and quite a few of u didnt:P
if u really are that desperate to get to next level i will send u a screenie if u email me...


Elasto Mania

basicly a copy of Elasto Mania no doubt, has the exact same concept of it to.....anyway nice job.....i guess.

IM stuCk1!!1!!

im stuck int hat stupid cave where u cant see anything....and what do i use the flint on???


I loved the ring spoof! LOL!

It was all great

got a bit repeatitive with music and the atk patterns(easy to doge) but overall really good
ps. Beat my score 6753288


GREat GAME! the cheat that get at the end is "bushit" and the cheat is sick also....try it out

17? is it beatable?

for the kast guy who said 14 is unbeatable well hes wrong cause i beat but is 17 beatable? password hotwater to prove i got there

No, I don't want to enter a message.

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